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You'll 'BEARly' believe what a Jennings man is doing with wood

Cornelius Hanger is not your average school bus driver. In his spare time, Hanger repurposes cedar wood to create masterpieces.
Cornelius Hanger repurposes wood to create art
Posted at 9:08 PM, Jun 17, 2024

Every artist has an interesting story to tell.

That's why 65-year-old Cornelius Hanger's story might take you by surprise.

Hanger was born in Mississippi, grew up in Chicago and re-located to Jennings in 2015.

Now, Hanger is known as not only a bus driver for Jeff Davis Parish, but a "Jack of All Trades."

"I been doing this for quite a while. I started when I was young," Hanger said. "I like sculpting and I like carving."

Hanger has lived in many places—including Arizona, where he taught arts and crafts in the 80s.

Now, he's found a calling in chopping cedar wood and crafting unique statues, like a thousand-pound bear he sculpted in his front yard.

"It's very relaxing because I can do it at my own pace," Hanger said. "I'm not in a hurry to do it for anybody."

While he hasn't set any prices on his wood designs so far, Hanger said he's not opposed to putting them up for sale.

"If somebody tells me they want this, I take my time," Hanger said. "I draw it out, I can look at it, I can sketch it out and draw it out and I can do it from there."