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Jeeps have ‘Easter eggs’ hidden somewhere on the vehicle

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Posted at 6:30 AM, Jun 24, 2020

Jeep has been designing and producing vehicles since the 1940s. You can choose from among everything from the traditional Wrangler to options such as Gladiator trucks and even electric bikes made to take off-road. But no matter what model you favor, if you own a Jeep, it likely has an “Easter egg” (or two or three!) tucked away somewhere or hiding in plain view. And if you’re inspired, maybe you could come up with the next one.

Recently, Jeep owners have taken to social media to point out the hidden objects they have discovered in and on their vehicles. The locations and designs of some of these goodies might surprise you.

For instance, @Woah_Ashhh shared this video on Twitter. She tried to show her mom the gecko molded under the windshield wiper. Mom was savvy, though. Not only was she already aware of the little lizard, but also a Loch Ness monster in the rear window trim.

“Matthew the Car Guy” (@DudeDrivesCars) shared several photos of his findings, including one on the dead pedal, sometimes called the footrest.

“I really enjoy all the easter eggs Jeep puts on their vehicles,” he tweeted, “and ZOMG IS THAT MORSE CODE ON THE PEDAL?”

It is Morse code indeed, and it reportedly reads “sand, snow, river, rocks,” a nod to the various terrains over which the vehicles can be driven.

Jeep owner RayLynn (@Totally_RayLynn) found a Jurassic surprise right at her feet.

“I have had my Jeep for over a year and just discovered a Dino head on my floor mat,” she tweeted.

And a couple of years ago, Automotive News writer and Toledo, Ohio, native Larry P. Vellequette (@LarryVellequett) shared a find that touched him.

“Okay, I’m actually getting emotional,” he tweeted. “Jeep head of design Mark Allen pops a little love letter onto every @jeep #gladiator.”

The image shows a heart and the number 419 embedded in the bed liner. The area code for Toledo, the historic home of the Jeep, is 419.

These discoveries are only the tip of the iceberg for Jeep Easter eggs. Car and Driver found more than 30 on the current model of the Jeep Renegade alone.

This is a relatively longstanding practice for the automobile manufacturer. The first was the renowned seven grille bar theme repeated in the cowl that let air into the 1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ.

The tradition continues. Jeep has announced a contest for the next Easter egg. The winner of the Jeep Easter Egg Adventure will have their design hidden in a brand new vehicle. They will also win a 2020 or newer Jeep vehicle of their choice.

Interested? Visit the official website to find out more or submit your entry.

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