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Temporary shelter for displaced flood victims in Lake Charles

Temporary shelter for displaced flood victims in Lake Charles
Posted at 6:01 PM, May 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-18 23:49:08-04

LAKE CHARLES — A Lake Charles church is helping people who were impacted by last night's storm.

It's a community that's still healing from hurricanes Laura and Delta. After Monday's severe weather, they're coping with another natural disaster. Many homes took in flood water when Monday's storm swept through. it led some to find shelter and help at trinity baptist church
One woman who was at the church Tuesday afternoon says she had about 4 feet of water inside of her home. She and her family were rescued by a relative.

"It was horrible because I've been through Hurricane Laura and Delta and I didn't have a flood like experience, " Lena Singleton said. "For this you can't prepare for a flood because you don't think it's going to actually really happen to you. It's more horrible because you're sitting there watching it."

It's an experience similar to many people who found shelter at the church. Some spots in the city received more than 15 inches of rain on Monday. Some flood victims had to be rescued and were brought to the church.

"Got a call from Calcasieu Parish Sheriff asking if we'd be able to house people displaced by the flood, we said certainly and opened up our gym facilities." Pastor Steve James with the church said.

While the flood is another challenge the community has to face, church leaders say Lake Charles will pull through like they've done before.

"We've been through Laura, Delta, the snow and now the flood. This was tough. People are tired but they're resilient. "