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St. Landry will require vaccination status of employees or weekly testing

St. Landry School Board member dies suddenly
Posted at 9:34 PM, Sep 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-03 00:14:49-04

OPELOUSAS — The school board passed the requirement tonight with the ultimate goal being keeping children learning in person for the entire year.

The final decision was not without debate. Some parents worry with COVID cases on the rise, it might not be enough to protect their children.

"I honestly think school should never have started in the first place, or options should be available, to go hybrid or full virtual. There is no way to social distant 25 kids in a classroom" Whitney Reed said.

Reed is one of several parents in favor of the requirement

"The employees should have rights, but what about the kids, the kids have rights, we need to protect the ones that can't get vaccinated" Reed said.

Others against the requirement, worrying it could have other consequences.

"It should be their choice because bus drivers, teachers, and cooks are going to walk out" Shuana Sias said.

Superintendent Patrick Jenkins says it is not a vaccine mandate.

"If they provide proof of the vaccine, they will not be required to do the weekly testing" Jenkins said.

Employees who are tested will be reimbursed. The requirement starts on Monday.