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Some Youngsville Residents Speak Out Against New Gas Station Proposal

Several Youngsville residents say there is no need for a new gas station. Nearly one hundred residents signed a petition against the new development.
Posted at 9:08 PM, Jan 04, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-04 22:08:23-05

Nearly one-hundred Youngsville residents signed a petition against the proposal of a new gas station.

Some residents say developing another gas station on the corner of Fortune Road and Chemin Metarie Street will be a disservice to the community.

Sean McDaniel said he has been living in Youngsville for more than two decades. If the gas station construction begins, he will reside directly across the street from it.

"We disapprove, as the whole neighborhood does," McDaniel said. "We have signatures for almost a hundred people that live within a 1500-foot radius of this area."

Sandi Cormier is a mother to four children. Sandi said she is concerned about an increase in traffic in the area, an uptick in crime and hazardous materials.

"We like to walk to our neighbors and bring them food and go visit," Sandi said. "It's been getting really hard lately for us to just even cross the street, so we just fear that it will bring additional traffic to our area."

Sandi's 12-year-old son Dawson Cormier said he doesn't foresee playing outside with his siblings and neighbors, if a gas station is developed.

"Why would we need another gas station in a two-mile radius when we have nine in a two-mile radius?" Dawson asked.

Residents like Charlotte Rubin have been living in Youngsville for more than 35 years. Rubin said she is concerned about the impact the proposed gas station will have on the environment.

"My parents are elderly, and we all have health issues," Rubin said. "That's just the concern about the gas station."

A public meeting is scheduled for Mon. Jan. 9th at The Clifton Chenier Center in Lafayette to discuss details surrounding the expected construction.