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Some say parking in South College Shopping Center is difficult

Posted at 10:10 PM, Feb 28, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-01 12:35:59-05

Several business owners on Johnston Street said they are tired of customers not being able to find parking.

Alicia Robertson owns Magnolia Salon & Parlour in the South College Shopping Center. Robertson said Saturday mornings are hurting her business because her customers have to compete with people visiting Moncus Park for a parking spot.

"As business owners, a few of us have put cones out, patrons going to the park will literally stop in the middle of the driveways, move the cones and park themselves," Robertson said.

Robertson said the landlords of the shopping center have also made efforts to deter people from taking all of the parking spots, but there hasn't been a solution to the problem.

"Our landlords have gone to the point of buying parking signs and putting it out there that says leave the front spots for the patrons of the shopping center and everything past light post for Moncus Park and no one pays attention to the signs," Robertson said.

Stephen Landry is part owner and manager of the South College Shopping Center. He said, he has tried to compromise with drivers and Moncus Park visitors, but he has the best interest of his tenants, in mind.

"We've tried," Landry said. "We've bent over backwards, but we can't go any longer. I've got my responsibility t my tenants and we been here since 1954."

Kristin Cockerham said she has been working as a Retail Associate for Raffael Furs & Boutique on and off for fifteen years. She said, customers have to park far away from the storefront, which is inconvenient for business.

"It's getting really, really, really bad," Cockerman said. "Especially when they have a function at like Moncus Park. It's crazy."

KATC reached out to the Marketing Coordinator of Moncus Park to find out what's next for the South College Shopping Center.

Mary Hebert, Marketing and Communications Manager of Moncus Park said in a statement, "Moncus Park has plans to expand the parking lot."

Landry said any patrons parking in the South College Shopping Center and going to Moncus Park will have their vehicles towed, starting Saturday. Landry also said security will be present in the parking lot, for violators.