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Some Downtown Businesses are Trying to Stay Open, Despite Boil Advisory

Some business owners Downtown Lafayette said they are taking alternative measures to stay open, despite the boil water advisory in place.
Posted at 8:33 PM, Sep 15, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-15 21:33:40-04

Several business owners Downtown said they are doing the best they can to stay open, despite the boil water advisory.

Setareh Delcambre owns Sunday's Soda Fountain on Jefferson Street. She said her chefs and staff are adhering to new guidelines and putting customer safety first.

"While we can't serve coffee, we can still serve caramel ice cream," Delcambre said. "[We're] bringing in water, bringing in ice, boiling the water that's being used, not offering certain menu items that we just don't feel comfortable serving at this time."

LUS is advising customers in the areas north of South College Road, south of Willow Street, west of East Pinhook Road and east of Bertrand Drive to use the tap water, only after it has been brought to a complete boil for at least one minute.

Brandon Bourque manages The Flats, a smash burger restaurant Downtown. He said he's selling cans of water and keeping his soda fountain machine off until LUS lifts the advisory.

"We had to boil first and let it sit for a minute before we could actually use it and then ice was another issue," Bourque said. "We just shut off our ice machine so whatever was made before the boil advisory we were able to use."

Engineers from LUS said they are working on a main water line repair near West Convent and St. John Street as quickly as they can.