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Protecting pets during storm

Protecting pets during storm
Posted at 5:00 AM, Oct 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-07 09:39:14-04

Many in Louisiana continue to prepare their homes ahead of Hurricane Delta.

While many have put a game plan in place, experts say that should also include your pets.

Experts suggest, if you have to leave your pet behind, make sure they are in a room that is away from large windows. Leave toys, bedding, and other things that pets are familiar with to help them make it through the hurricane.

They also suggest making sure that your pet has a microchip or has a collar with their name, address, and phone number on it.
Our pet of the week is Antony.

Antony has been featured before on GMA.

Unfortunately Antony has not gotten any adoption applications, despite his amazing campaign speech to find a new family.

The good news, he now has a campaign manager. Antony's new foster family is getting him ready for his fur-ever home.

Antony is kid approved, plays well with others, (even cats) and loves car rides.

You can go to acadianaanimalaid.org/adopt for more information on Antony.

Let's get this little guy a new family.