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Parenting: proving kids with Down syndrome are more alike than different

Parenting: Buddy Walk 2020
Posted at 4:16 AM, Oct 13, 2020

This month is National Down Syndrome Awareness month.

Every year about 5300 babies are born with Down syndrome. That is one in every 700 newborns.

Ellie Grace Guidry is one of those children.

"What is your favorite movie?" I asked Ellie Grace.

"Frozen 2," she answered.

"What do you like about it?" I asked.

"They have magical powers," she said.

Ellie Grace's parents, Walter and Molly, said she is more than just typical 13-year-old--she is their miracle.

"God led us the way," Walter said.

"We are just so happy that he chose us to be her parents," Molly said.

Both Walter and Molly said they knew Ellie Grace would be meant for great things in her life. They both said she would thrive in whatever she chose to do.

"She has been in dance for 11 years, she's been playing piano for three years, she reads music, she does sign language, and she's in the 8th grade," Molly said. "She cheers and she's a girl scout. She's been a cheerleader for four years and girl scout for two years."

To make sure that Ellie Grace was given those opportunities and the help that she needed, Molly joined the Down Syndrome Association of Acadiana. She worked heard on events like the "Buddy Walk."

It is an event that helps to support programs for those with Down syndrome.

"We came on the board months after her being born," Molly said.

This year, like most events, the Buddy Walk will be virtual.

You can find a park, neighborhood, a walking path and participate. The cost is $20 per person and $10 for your four-legged companion.

"The main thing is awareness," Molly said. "We'd like to get all of that out to Acadiana to show that they're more alike than different. They have crushes, they have feelings, they get their feelings hurt, they cry, they have fun times, and enjoy things with their friends."

No matter the obstacles Ellie Grace may face in the future, Molly said her little will be able to handle them because of all of the love she is gaining along the way.

For more information on DSAA or the Buddy Walk 2020 head to: