Parenting: providing a little boost for locally owned businesses

Berry Sweet Easter Egg Hunt
Berry Sweet Easter
Posted at 3:40 AM, Mar 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-23 07:50:18-04

The Covid-19 Pandemic hit Stacey Dempsey just as hard as it did many locally owned businesses in Acadiana.

Dempsey was not going to let that obstacle get in her way and soon got to work on how she could help others bounce back from a rough 2020.

Berry Sweet Easter

"We're having a Berry Sweet Easter Egg Hunt around New Iberia," Dempsey said. "It's to provide family fun but also support our local businesses. You solve the riddles and you figure out what business is participating. During the 24th and 28th you go to the business, during their hours of operation, and try to find an egg. It's a large egg that's hidden somewhere and once you spot it, let the store employee know, and they're going to give you candy while supplies last."

Dempsey said people will get a few days to complete the activities. This will make it easier for them to enjoy their time together and stay socially distant.

Berry Sweet Easter

"These families can feel safe when they go into these businesses when they want to go into it," Dempsey said. "Maybe it's people who have never been in these shops and don't know what they have to offer. This is a way to get them in there and see what businesses we have here. Even if they don't buy that day; maybe they'll come back and shop again later."

For those of you who may want to hang out at home, we have some sweet treats you can easily make with the kiddos.

"We're going to make some bunny ears which we can turn into petals for our flowers," Dempsey demonstrated."You want to take the icing and go along the edge (of the cupcake) and then take the large marshmallow, cutting it at a diagonal cut. When you cut it it's sticky and that makes the inside of the bunny ear. (Dip the sticky part of the marshmallow into the color sugar crystal of your choice). You use eyes, jellybeans for the nose, and mini marshmallows for the rest of the nose."

Berry Sweet Easter

The same can be done on a donut, rice crispy square, and even a cookie.

"Same concept you can do on any treat," Dempsey said.

While the pandemic has changed her life, Dempsey said it is for the better. She can now focus on others by helping them rebound from a difficult year.