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North City Park's Pool in Opelousas Expected to Open June 1

City officials are planning ahead for summer activities, sports and programs for the Opelousas community.
Posted at 7:33 PM, May 24, 2023

It's the last day of school for students in Opelousas and many are looking forward to having some fun in the sun.

Mayor Julius Alsandor is partnering with experts from the Parks & Recreation Department to help kick-start sports and other programs for children, teens and parents in the community.

Superintendent of Parks & Recreation Chris Rideau, said this summer, there's a variety of activities to get involved in.

"We're working on a free basketball camp that's going to go between the hours of eight and 12, that's going to be at North Park," Rideau said.

Rideau also said six lifeguards will complete their certifications on Sunday to help ensure swimmers are safe while using the city's public pools. And, swimming lessons will also be available to those interested.

"Water safety is our biggest worry here in Opelousas," Rideau said. "We want our kids to be able to not only swim at South Park, but I know a lot of families will be going to beaches, taking their summer vacations, so we want to make sure that our kids here in the city have an opportunity to learn correctly how to swim, how to protect themselves in the water and if someone is hurt around them while they're in the water, they'll know exactly what to do as well."

The pool is expected to open at North City Park on June 1.

Mayor Alsandor said the city is always in need of grants and funding that may help improve or increase the number of extra-curricular activities available to residents.

"We're trying to create as many programs as we can that can be far-reaching, but address the different tiers of ages from the young kids to the elderly as well," Alsandor said.

Anyone interested in finding out more about tennis, boxing, basketball, swimming lessons, etc. is encouraged to contact the Parks & Recreation Superintendent or visit the website, Parks & Recreation | City of Opelousas.