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No More Silence Stop Gun Violence campaign to promote speaking out against crime

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Posted at 2:45 AM, Mar 29, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-29 08:26:36-04

NEW IBERIA, La. — A video campaign and signs posted around the city hope to help spread awareness of the ongoing gun violence crimes in the city.

The video which features police, council members, and local activists urges people to speak up.

Apostle Felton Hogan, who spoke out in the No More Violence Stop the Violence video, believes both the signs and the campaign can make a difference.

"If you don't say something nothing is gonna happen, it's time for us to open our mouths," said Hogan. "If you open your mouth, you're child can be the next person, or your grandchild, your niece and nephew, your cousin, would be the next person saved, if you open your mouth."

City Councilman Marlon Lewis, who was also featured in the video, wants the city to know violence affects everyone.

"Until it knocks on your doorstep, it's not a problem, "I don't have anything to do with it, it's not bothering me." This affects our whole town," said Lewis.

Hogan and other concerned community members, have had enough of the violence and just want to city to be peaceful, especially for future generations.

"Being afraid is over with now, life is at stake now, it's critical and I don't want to see my child or my grandchildren get lost because no one opened up their mouth, I'm going to say something," said Hogan.

If interested in displaying a No More Violence Stop Gun Violence sign in your yard, you can pick one up at no charge at New Iberia City Hall.

The No More Silence Stop the Violence full video campaign can be viewed on the New Iberia City Hall website here.