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New police cameras are coming to St. Martinville

Police in St. Martinville are anticipating new cameras to help keep uninsured and unlawful drivers off the roads.
Posted at 10:13 PM, Apr 19, 2023

If you live or drive in St. Martinville, you may want to get familiar with ANNIE.

ANNIE, which stands for Automated National Non-Invasive Insurance, refers to a new camera system police in St. Martinville are anticipating.

According to Jonathan Miller, Chairman of Securix, drivers who are following state laws have nothing to worry about.

"It's only looking for bad people. In this case, people who identify as criminals," Miller said. "What happens is, is that the state government, DPS (Department f Public Safety) has what's called 'Hot Lists.' Those hot lists are for things like stolen cars, vehicles that are associated with outside warrants and things like that."

Some city council members like Mike Fuselier said the ANNIE camera system will help enforce safety.

"It will protect insured motorists," Fuselier said. "So many times people get into accidents with people who are uninsured and then, they're left holding the bag. So, it's a win-win if you have full insurance, the camera won't mess with you. It's just that simple."

Wayne Dorsey said he is a resident in St. Martinville and works as an Offshore Chef. He said finding affordable car insurance can be difficult for some drivers, especially in Louisiana.

"I think any program or any assistance or at least some type of guidelines to help them, point them in the right direction I guess you would say to where they could get cheaper insurance or something more affordable."

St. Martinville police are working to finalize a contract with Securix for a 'Diversion Management' program, which is expected to provide officers with access to ANNIE in the next few weeks.