Mother and daughter duo showing any dream is within reach

Pretty Glam Sleepovers
Pretty Glam Sleepovers
Posted at 6:29 AM, Apr 30, 2021
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With the pandemic in full swing, Tinesha Mitchell said she had to think outside of the box when it came to her daughter's 10 birthday party.

A big celebration was out of the question.

"You can't have a party because we're in a pandemic," Tinesha said she told her daughter. "She asked about a sleepover and I said that was fine. We thought about it and invited a few close friends."

Pretty Glam Sleepovers

Tinesha and her husband got to work.

They blew up balloons, put tents together, crafted party favors, and made up games.

The end result...

"It was extraordinary," Desiray said. "I didn't know it was going to be that big. It was exciting when I saw all of the tents and balloons and everything."

That got Tinesha thinking, how many other people might look for parties just like this one?

"This was something I didn't find in this area," Tinesha said. "I was like, this is something different. This gives people the option to go smaller and still celebrating those special occasions."

Pretty Glam Sleepovers

Pretty Glam Sleepovers was born.

Tinesha said a business was never part of her plan. She still works her full-time job while putting on these sleepovers.

She said she hopes that her story inspires other women who have an idea but are nervous to take the first steps.

"Step out on faith," Tinesha said. "Take that leap."

With her partner by her side, 10-year-old Desiray, this mother and daughter team work every weekend to make birthdays special for kids and adults across Acadiana.

Pretty Glam Sleepovers

"I blow up the mattresses and make the balloon art," Desiray said.

"Why get her involved," I asked Tinesha about her daughter.

"This is a Mommy and Daughter business," Tinesha said. "We are girly girls. We like sparkle, glitter and shines. Getting her involved is showing her how to run a business, grow a business, and reward."

While Desiray is learning all of that, she is also learning that she is capable of accomplishing anything that she puts her mind to.

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