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Lafayette Police Investigating Hit-N-Run at Pathway Church

A Lafayette pastor is picking up the pieces for his congregation after a driver crashed into Pathway Church on Saturday.
Posted at 10:15 PM, Feb 13, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-13 23:15:50-05

Lafayette police are still investigating a hit-n-run that left Pathway Church damaged, early Saturday morning.

While there are no reports of fatalities or injuries, Music Director Maria Williams said she believes speed is a factor in the church's devastation.

"I believe, due to the damage of the church, they were probably airborne, going really, really fast and slammed into the church," Williams said. "They left the scene, we don't know if they're okay, but the vehicle was left in the church."

According to Lafayette's Public Information Officer, Sgt. Robin Green, police are still looking for a Black, Ford Explorer that was made in 2000.

Williams said this incident really took her and other members of the congregation by surprise.

"This was the last thing that we were expecting," Williams said. "And, it's just...Ok. How do we move forward? How do we continue to have services? You know, we don't want to lose the momentum that we have with both the students and then the congregation."

Lead Pastor Ben Davis said he is looking at this setback as a blessing in disguise.

"Our idea is how do we turn this into a blessing for the city," Davis said. "We're looking at it as an opportunity to just reach out, to hold services in different parts of the city, different locations, kind of make it an outreach force for the church and see what God will do."

Davis and Williams say they encourage churchgoers to be on the lookout on social media for updates regarding streaming services online and "pop up" locations.

"A lot of people that that church is about coming to a building and it's really not," Davis said. "It's really a movement of people, it's a family, it's a spiritual family."

Renovations are expected to take six to eight weeks to complete, once insurance assessments are finalized.

Anyone interested in donating to Pathway Church is encouraged to visit,
Pathway Church - Leadership (gopathwaychurch.com).