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Investigation continues following a home invasion in Branch

The Acadia Parish Sheriff's Department is still investigating a home invasion that led to the arrest of 33-year-old Adam Creel on Tuesday morning.
Posted at 10:10 PM, Apr 05, 2023

Acadia Parish Sheriff's office is still investigating a home invasion that happened early Tuesday morning in the Branch Community.

According to Sheriff K.P. Gibson, 33-year-old Adam Creel of Sulphur was arrested and placed in the Acadia Parish Jail after posing as a police officer and breaking into a home near White Oak Highway.

Gibson said Creel used handcuffs to detain a homeowner, while wearing law enforcement attire— a jacket and badge that were reported stolen from a burglary investigation.

According to Gibson, residents quickly reported a suspicious man they saw running through farm land and helped deputies with the arrest.

"These individuals that were in this community took the step up to assist law enforcement by maintaining and at least keeping an eye on the individual to where he was going," Gibson said. "Upon law enforcement's arrival, at least helping us to surround an area to where we would not have continued this chase."

During Creel's arrest, deputies also found several stolen items.

"He [Creel] stole various items, cash and different items from the home, which were majority, if not all recovered from him," Gibson said.

Shirley and Marlton Bullock told KATC they have been married for 67 years and long-time residents in the Branch community.

The Bullocks said the crime in the rural area has to stop.

"I don't know how myself, but the police, the Sheriff, let them stop it because there's too much of it going around," Marlton said.

Shirley said she's thankful the community stepped up to help with the arrest, but hearing news about home invasions is frightening.

"Ohhh...It's not good," Shirley said. "It's scary."

According to a media release, Creel has been charged with Home Invasion, Convicted Felon in Possession of a Firearm, Armed Robbery, Obstruction of Justice, False Imprisonment and Impersonating a Law Enforcement Officer.

As for the homeowner Creel targeted, there are no reported injuries.

Anyone with any information regarding this home invasion is encouraged to contact the Acadia Parish Sheriff's Office.