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Happy Zoomsgiving! Families celebrate the holiday at a distance amid the pandemic

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Posted at 5:28 PM, Nov 26, 2020

LAFAYETTE, La. — Some in Acadiana choose to celebrate the holiday a little different than what we're used to seeing because of the pandemic. Many people kept the size of their gathering small, but some even held virtual gatherings.

Kassandra Ford of Lafayette is one to make the switch. Her mother lives in South Carolina, normally they would spend the day together, but because of the pandemic, they held a zoomsgving.

"I was really hoping we would be able to get together on Thanksgiving, but it just didn't work out that way, we're making the best of it," Kathleen Ford said.

The mother and daughter duo have been using zoom for months.

"It's been really nice to see her face more regularly even if we can't hang out in person," Kassandra said.

"I think we have done a good job at that, getting different apps, and breaking it up rather than just talking on the phone," Kathleen added to her daughter's comment.

Ford left the zoomsgiving invite to anyone that wanted some extra company, even if it is not in person.

"The digital connection at best, we can at least see each other and laugh," said her friend, Linda Fairchild.

Fairchild said she usually visits several different households during the holidays, instead she too hosted a zoomsgiving Wednesday evening with friends from all over the world.

"I just wanted this holiday to take a break from everything that's going on in the world and come have fun," Fairchild said. "We told corny jokes, talked about movies, (and it was) just kind of an escape a lot of people need right now."

Fairchild said her favorite part was her friends attempt at making a Turducken, which she said he did not complete.