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Earth Day events around Lafayette Parish helped educate the community on how to keep Louisiana beautiful

Trash Bash Volunteers clean up along Bayou Vermillion
Southern Garden Festival
Bee demonstration at Southern Garden Festival
Posted at 2:31 AM, Apr 24, 2023

LAFAYETTE, La. — Two events hosted on Earth Day this past weekend held earth-friendly activities that demonstrated how you can care for the Earth, and our community.

Among acres of natural gardens beside the Vermilion River, Southern Garden Festival attendees enjoyed educational presentations about how to care for the nature that surrounds us.

Proceeds from the festival went to Family Promise of Acadiana, which will go into directly supporting families that are experiencing homelessness.

Sarah Schoeffler, a master gardener and owner of the lush acres where the festival was held at, says embracing nature as it is will make it flourish.

"I have learned a long time ago not to fight the weeds but to embrace it," said Sarah Schoeffler. "So I plant among the weeds and what nature puts there naturally we just embellish with some flowers."

Meanwhile over at the Trash Bash, several volunteers took the time to clean up along Bayou Vermilion.

Greg Guidroz, Recycling Supervisor for LCG, says after the litter pick up, they will conduct a survey what kind of litter the volunteers saw the most of.

The litter survey will then be submitted to Break Free From Plastic Pollution, a organization that promotes stopping the use of single-use plastic.

"Life is all about relationships, so understanding your relationship with the land and your community, doing what we can to beautify that and keep those relationships alive and thriving," said Guidroz.

Being environmentally conscious and learning where your trash goes, no matter what age can benefit the planet.

"Please pick up your trash so that community that is picking it up won't have to pick it up," said Kaleign Auzenne, 8-year-old Trash Bash volunteer.

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