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Duson woman reunited with deceased uncle's unique tailgate

Posted at 10:52 PM, Sep 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-29 23:55:13-04

DUSON — With the help of her friends, Lisa Bianchini hangs a truck tailgate on her back porch. That tailgate is also a mural.

"He went on vacation in Gatlinburg, and decided to paint the tailgate," Bianchini said.

The "he" is her Uncle Robbo. Back in 2006, he painted scenes from Gatlinburg on the tailgate of his brand new pick-up truck. That mural featuring the Great Smoky Mountains, an eagle, and a cabin.

"I mean he had a brand new red hot Silverado, it was gorgeous, at first I thought cant believe you did that," she explained.

Four years after painting his mural, Lisa's Uncle Robbo died of a brain tumor. It was also the last time she saw the tailgate. Until last week.

"Monday on my way to work, I spot you!"

The "you" Bianchini's talking about is Leonard Lowe. Bianchini saw the tailgate on the back of another truck in Scott. That's when she went online in hopes of finding the driver, Lowe.

"I posted on Facebook. I didn't think I'd find it, and then I didn't think I'd find you."

Lowe's daughter saw the post and recognized her dad's truck.

"After I read the post, I thought they have to have that tailgate back," Lowe said.

After reading the post, Lowe got in touch with Bianchini.

"She called me, and I called her," said Lowe. "I told her she can have it. She wanted to buy it, but I said, 'No. You can have it.'"

Lowe said he found the tailgate by accident while visiting a salvage yard three years ago.

"I love it, it got 'hooked on Jesus', Gatlinburg, never been to Gatlinburg," Lowe said.

As much as Lowe loves the tailgate, he let it go, giving Bianchini a piece of her family's history and reminder of her beloved uncle. A reminder that now hangs on her back porch.

"It's a sign he is still around."