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Don't Poo-llute. Scoop the Poop.

Dog owners in Delcambre are facing fines for failing to clean up after their pets.
Posted at 6:12 PM, May 10, 2023

If you live in Delcambre and you don't like to scoop up your dog's poop, you may be subject to a fine.

Mayor Pam Blakely said she is supporting the council by holding people accountable for not cleaning up after their pets.

"It's been an on-going issue and we just decided, the board, to initiate it," Blakely said. "We got together, people are calling in and having problems with people walking around and dogs pooping all over and not picking up the poop."

Now, fines are starting at $250 for people who allow their dogs to roam the neighborhoods, unleashed and unsupervised.

"If your dog is running loose, it's a $250 fine," Blakely said. "We do get a numerous amount of calls in for that and we are fining people for their dogs being loose around town."

Ellen Falgout said she has been living in Delcambre for more than 67 years. She said she is tired of cleaning up after other people's pets.

"I see it every, day," Falgout said. "Everyday, walking their dogs and they do their business in other people's yards and they don't pick it up. I have a dog. I walk my dog every, day, but I pick up after my dog."

KATC reached out to the Delcambre Police Department to find out how soon fines will be issued to violators.

However, we are still waiting for a response.