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Bride forced to postpone wedding day amid coronavirus pandemic

Bride forced to postpone wedding day amid coronavirus pandemic
Posted at 10:57 PM, Mar 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-24 23:59:23-04

Saying "I do" may take a little longer for some couples who planner to get married this spring. As the coronavirus continues to spread, many couples are having to postpone their big day.

"My pastor told me we're going to be praying, you know it's getting out of hand. And I said 'well, I'm not canceling my wedding,'" says Lorina Kingrey.

Lorina Kingrey and her fiance Marcus were supposed to be walking down the aisle this weekend.

Despite concerns of the coronavirus, she was determined to keep her original wedding date, until she got a call from her event planner.

"She contacted me and she says I'm not saying that the plans are all taken out, but she says you can still invite 50 people," says Kingrey

At first, Kingrey entertained the idea of having a small ceremony but quickly changed her mind.

Kingrey says, "So I was okay with that but going back to think of it..I'm a family person. I like to have everyone my friends and family altogether."

As Governor Edwards added more restrictions to reduce the spread of the virus, for wedding planners like Cassie Thibeaux, many spring clients are forced to push their wedding dates back.

"It's a really exciting time in their lives. It's not exciting what is happening. So we are encouraging them to really focus on what this is about and that's getting married and we will celebrate with them later in the year." Thibeaux

Kingrey's big day is now set for August 1st. She says now she has more time to plan and anticipates an even better ceremony.

Kingrey says, "I mean we waited this long so what's a few more months."