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Bowling for Autism at Rock'N'Bowl raised over $35,000

Bowling for Autism t-shirts that helped raised money for the Autism Society of Acadiana.
Posted at 10:14 AM, Apr 03, 2023

LAFAYETTE, La. — Celebrating the start of Autism Awareness Month, the Autism Society of Acadiana held a fundraiser at Rock'N'Bowl.

All funds for the fundraiser came from reserving bowling lanes, food and drinks, and buying Bowling for Autism T-shirts, which went directly into supporting the organization.

President of the Autism Society of Acadiana, Denise Auzenne, whose 15-year-old son Jackson has autism, says being able to have funding for its outreach services that they offer in over 7 parishes, can be life-changing.

"Our office is usually the first place that people come to when they receive their autism diagnosis and it's also the first place they come to when they are in crisis," said Auzenne. "That's why it's so important that we are able to raise the funds needed so that our families can have the resources and the support they need when they are most in need."

These funds can support various programs and resources that the Autism Acadiana Society like education, advocacy, support, and information and referral.

Board member Paul Ganucheau, who is also on the spectrum, is passionate about including other members with autism to achieve more diversity and expand its outreach to others.

"We're trying to increase diversity and representation from and by us on the board, it's not just parents or teachers, it's also people on the spectrum themselves representing us now," said Ganucheau.

Events like these help others understand that being diagnosed with autism is a strength, not a fault.

"People with autism are just like everyone else, we wanna celebrate their differences just as they were intended to be," said Auzenne.

Bowling for Autism fundraiser raised over their previous goal of $20,000 and reached $35,000. To find autism resources in our community, you can visit the Autism Society Acadiana here.