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Basketball watch party at Pete's Sports Bar to cheer on UL Ragin' Cajuns in Orlando

Pete's Sports Bar
Posted at 3:27 PM, Mar 17, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-17 16:27:21-04

LAFAYETTE, La. — Although Tennessee beat the Ragin' Cajuns in a
58-55 victory in the NCAA tournament last night, local fans at Pete's Sports Bar on Johnston street were there to watch and cheer on all the dedication the team has put on during this season.

One supporter who attended the University of Lafayette in 1958, back when it was called Southwestern Louisiana Industrial Institute, is just proud of the hard work both the team and Couch Bob Marlin have achieved.

"I think it's super, you know they deserve it all those kids who worked really hard and Bob Marlin is a heck of a couch as far as I'm concerned," said Fred Aultman, retired U.S. Air Force colonel. "Cause he grows men not only basketball players, and I just appreciate all of them and I certainly wish them well."

Many restaurant goers were dressed in Ragin' Cajun red, and one school teacher at the watch party was just happy the basketball team made it into the NCAA tournament, the last time they competed was in 2014.

"We're here to support the Cajuns because its been nine years since we been to the big dance and so we wanna make sure we support them and the best way to do it is at this restaurant with other Cajun fans." said Terry Richard, a school teacher and UL fan.

Pete's Sports Bar will continue to have a raffle during all of March Madness where fans can come and place bets on which teams will make it to the final four, and the lucky guessers could win a bike, a bluetooth speaker, and a beach chair.