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At least nine cases of vaping related illness reported in Louisiana

One case suspected in Acadiana
Posted at 6:38 PM, Sep 05, 2019

LAFAYETTE, LA — Since January, more than 200 possible cases of vaping related illness have been reported across the country and at least two people have died.

It's the latest epidemic spreading throughout the United States. Vaping and e-cigarette related illness is in some cases severe and even deadly.

According to Dr. Justin Ardoin, a pulmonary and critical care physician at Our Lady of Lourdes, physicians often have difficulty recognizing the symptoms.

"Often times the clinical picture is not very clear," says Ardoin. Nine cases of pulmonary illness are now being reported in Louisiana in the last two weeks, the ages of the patients ranging from 20 to 33 yearsold.

Some cases are suspected right here in Acadiana.

"We've had, I wanna say at least one here that's been reported in the CDC in the last couple of weeks," adds Ardoin.

He suspects there are many more cases that may be connected to vaping saying, "In hindsight we've had at least a hand full of cases that we've had suspicion of vaping related acute lung injury."

His message to people who vape or may be considering it?

"My advice is to not vape at all, okay?"