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"Adopt A Stop" helps construct shaded shelters for bus riders

Posted at 9:06 AM, May 17, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-17 10:06:31-04

LAFAYETTE, La. — Bus riders in our area often have to stand in the pouring rain or intense heat due to unsheltered bus stops in our city.

Seeing the lack of covered bus stops in Lafayette and how long it would take to construct each one, Councilwoman Liz Webb Hebert came up with the Adopt A Bus Stop Fund campaign.

"The city budgets 12 stops to cover a year in our budget but there's over 300 stops to cover and so "Adopt a Stop" is meant to close that gap faster, as fast we can in order for people to not have to stand out in the rain," said Hebert.

For three years, one bus rider has stood in all kinds of weather just to catch a ride.

"Sometimes when I get there there's no seat and I have to keep standing there," said Maria Leal. "To be in the sun is stressful and in the rain, one has to find a way to cover themselves with a bag or go somewhere else, but then if you move the bus leaves you."

For her and the other riders waiting for the bus around Lafayette, Leal hopes to see more covered bus stops.

"If they put can put shade in the places a shelter, and a seat to wait because there are a lot of people who take the bus," said Leal.

The cost of a bus shelter is $6,000 which includes a roof and a seat.

If you would like to Adopt A Stop, click here.