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Abbeville Police Chief is Trying to Combat Gun Violence

Posted at 10:31 PM, Mar 14, 2023

Dozens of Abbeville residents gathered for a public safety Town Hall meeting at the Praise Church on Tuesday night.

Police Chief Mike Hardy is partnering with Mayor Roslyn White, Crime Stoppers and the community to tackle gun violence in the area.

Marie Parker said she has been living in Abbeville since Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. She said one solution may be providing programs for the youth.

"They got a lot of young teenagers today, they want to be something in their life," Parker said. "But what is not there is the encouragement of the people, that's not helping them."

Mayor White announced both District A and District D have the highest crime rates in the city. White said she is looking for community input and collaboration to help put a stop to the gun violence.

Furthermore, Chief Hardy said he's in the process of hiring about six, additional police officers to hold those accountable for terrorism.

Vermilion Crime Stoppers Coordinator, Eddie Langlinais said he encourages the public to do their part by reporting information.

"It is anonymous," Langlinais said. "I don't know your name, I don't know where you live, I don't know your phone number unless you put it in the comments. If you put it in the comments, well then, it's kind of free for all."

APD officials said if you see something, say something. Or, text 7-4-0 TIPS to aid law enforcement with solving crimes.

Crime Stopper officials announced there are also monetary rewards, for those who speak up.

Chad Romero is the Pastor of Praise Church in Abbeville. He said sometimes, love conquers all.

"Part of the problem is violence," Romero said. "But to me, it stems back to the lack of love in somebody's heart that we think that the gospel fills that void and makes good citizens."