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Abbeville Gun Buy-Back initiative is buying guns to combat gun violence

Posted at 12:04 AM, Feb 25, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-25 01:04:12-05

IN ABBEVILLE — A day after a town hall meeting to curb violence in Abbeville, a group is stepping up to help take guns off of the street.

I spoke with Apostle Felton Hogan, an organizer of this initiative who says they will buy your gun without asking any questions.

"This is an anonymous initiative no name no blame so if you turn a gun in, just turn it in and walk away," Hogan told KATC. "We are not asking you for anything but the gun and we are gonna buy the gun from you."

They will only accept guns that are functioning and the value of the guns turned in varies.

"It depends on the gun, the caliber, and how it operates it has to be functioning and when you turn that gun into us, we have qualified people checking it out," said Hogan.

The last gun buyback they hosted was in New Iberia last year, where 25 guns were given up and bought back. Donovan Davis, a local activist, highlights the importance of this event.

"When you turn your gun in your turning a gun in that will help save or salvage another child's life so that the wrong person won't get that gun in their hands and this is what the initiative is targeting," said Davis. "We targeting troubled youth with guns that if they do not want to live that life anymore, you can turn that gun in and you will not be harmed there will be no consequences."

Hogan and Davis hope that this initiative can aid in helping the crime in Abbeville.

"This monster called gun violence and this is a crisis across the whole nation and we have to do something to stop it as a whole," said Hogan.

The buy-back is from noon to five on Saturday at 901 Pearl Street in Abbeville.