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It's Opening Day for Lafayette's 35th Annual Cajun Heartland State Fair

City officials say Lafayette's Cajun Heartland State Fair helps to generate income for the CAJUNDOME & Convention Center.
Posted at 7:03 PM, May 25, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-25 20:03:20-04

Go! Go! Fun! Fun! That's the motto for the annual Cajun Heartland State Fair and today is the opening day for the rides, entertainment and attractions.

Pam DeVille, Director of the Cajundome & Convention Center said this year, the Cajundome is doing well, budget-wise and she and her colleagues are excited to celebrate Lafayette's 35th Cajun Heartland State Fair.

"Last year was a banner year, no doubt," DeVille said. "This year is still a very good year. We've got a few, outstanding payments in different entities, one of them being the city, but even with that, we're still doing very well."

While parking is free for the fair, organizers say there's a five-dollar admission fee for anyone six years old, or older.

Casey White, Marketing Director of Cajundome & Convention Center said the fair helps to drive the economy and brings in business from outside of Acadiana.

"What's really great about the fair is it doesn't just impact the Cajundome's bottom line every year," White said. "It also impacts a lot of local businesses and attractions that surround us. We've got a lot of people coming in from out of town that come to visit us, they like t hear a lot of our local bands, music, check out all the attractions and also check out our rides."

White said the Cajundome partners with Goldstar Amusement, a family-owned and operated carnival company that splits revenue from ticket sales with The CajunDome.

"With the ride operator, we have a net revenue split, so after some of the expenses come out, taxes, things like that, we share on the revenue side," White said.

Whether you're looking to try fresh, squeezed lemonade or fried alligator, the 11-day fair will be up and running until June 4.

Anyone interested in buying tickets is encouraged to purchase in advance to take advantage of advances discount ride tickets and wristbands.