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11-year-old turns hobby into fundraiser for children with illnesses

Posted at 5:34 PM, Dec 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-10 18:34:17-05

BROUSSARD — 11-year-old Ashton Wright started making bracelets with his step-mom two years ago. When his friend Lane Begnaud was diagnosed with cancer, Wright would come to the hospital and hang out while he received treatments. He would then bring the bracelets to the children in the hospital.

"I want to make all those kids that have cancer, that were sick, I want to make them happy, I wanted to give them joy while they were hurting," Wright said.

His friend Lane passed away in October of 2018. Wright said he fell into a depression for several months, but then felt inspired. The young boy decided to start selling his bracelets so he could buy gifts for the children in the hospital.

He went to work and set up shop at the end of his father's driveway.

"On the first time I ever did it, I sold over 20 of them, and got $300 for the Women's and Children's Hospital," Wright said.

Wright's original goal was to raise $500. Once he did that, he decided to keep going. Thousands of bracelets later, Wright and his family will be delivering video games, re-usable water bottles, slippers, socks, blankets, and other toys to Lourde's Women's and Children's hospital on December 20th.

While Wright has many bracelets already made, he does special orders that can be mailed. To order a bracelet, click here.

"Here I am today with having over thousands of dollars for Women's and Children's and buying hundreds of gifts, it's really amazing," Wright said.