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Good Samaritan gives wallet to police, wallet owner obtains empty wallet

A complaint has been made by the victim that is now being investigated.
Posted at 10:05 PM, Sep 28, 2019
Good Samaritan

A woman hopes to return home to Germany, without her driver's license and travel visa. She says it all went missing after a Good Samaritan turned her wallet into the police.

On Sept. 12, a good Samaritan was leaving Target when she saw a wallet in the parking lot. She then picked it up and noticed the wallet still contained credit cards and cash, so she reported it to Target and the Lafayette Police Department, who took the wallet from her.

She says the officer quickly found the owner.

"Within thirty minutes I got a call from the officer saying they contacted the owner and she's thankful," said the Good Samaritan, who didn't want to be identified.

But just a few days later, that happy ending took a confusing turn. The wallet's owner got her contact information from Target.

"I got a call from her saying 'hi this is so so-- Target says you found my wallet,' and I was like wait, I'm confused, I thought the police had already gotten in touch with you. "

The wallet's owner then went to the police station. When she got there, her wallet only contained euros. Missing were her credit cards, her driver's licenses, insurance cards and her travel visa.

"Nothing was there with my identification, then I just started freaking out. I want to know where all of my stuff went," the wallet owner said.

We asked her what is her biggest fear at this point, and she said not going home.

"Not getting back home to my home, to my family, being stuck here months on end waiting to get a new visa," she said.

A complaint has been made and both women tell us they're working with Internal Affairs.

The Lafayette Police Department declined comment for this story.