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French’s Is Making A Mustard-Flavored Beer

French’s Is Making A Mustard-Flavored Beer
Posted at 9:45 AM, Aug 05, 2020

A new type of beer from a famously daring mustard brand combines mustard flavor and cold beer into one summery product. If there were ever a way to pack the entire barbecue experience into one single beverage, this is it.

French’s announced the release of its new mustard beer in honor of National Mustard Day, which takes place every year on the first Saturday of August. The limited-edition beer launches on the craft beer marketplace CraftShack on Aug. 1, and it will also be available at select Oskar Blues Brewery locations in Colorado and North Carolina. You can buy a six-pack for about $20, including shipping.

According to the Oskar Blues website, the beer is a “semi-tart tropical wheat beer infused with citrus fruits,” including key lime, lemon, tangerine and passionfruit to complement the “spice and zip of the mustard.”

French's via Craftshack

The beer is a fitting follow-up to last year’s National Mustard Day, when French’s released a mustard ice cream in collaboration with Coolhaus, a brand well-known for its inventive ice cream flavors.

Clearly, there’s no limit to the ways in which mustard can be reinvented.

“The incredible reaction to last year’s release of our Mustard Ice Cream showed us how far people are willing to go to savor this favorite condiment,” Jill Pratt, chief marketing excellence officer at French’s, explained in a press release. “We promise this French’s Mustard Beer will not disappoint either.”


According to early reviews, the mustard beer is surprisingly drinkable. The mustard flavor is fainter than expected, and it’s mostly overpowered by the fruit, which is probably for the best (unless you’re a huge mustard fan).

But it’s light and summery and pairs perfectly with a hot dog and, yes, even more mustard. At the height of barbecue season, you can’t get much more cookout-ready than this!

For the truly adventurous, you can even try your hand at making your own mustard beer at home, thanks to a recipe from Oskar Blues.

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