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Bands from afar appreciate Festival International

Posted at 8:52 PM, Apr 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-28 00:54:08-04

Festival International, of course, attracts thousands from across the globe to Lafayette to enjoy all that festival has to offer. Some performers are experiencing festival for the first time.

Doctor Nativo is an artist from Guatemala. He is no stranger to festivals.

“I have signed a record label, and I have been touring the states. I guess you can say this is my break,” said Doctor Nativo.

He says his stop in Lafayette has been amazing. “Just the hospitality from here, it stands out to me. It stands out from other states. Everyone is so nice.”

Performing at Festival International

Doctor Nativo is an upcoming artist who has been performing his own style of music for 20 years. “Its reggae-Colombian-mixed. It’s something that not many people have heard of,”said the artist when describing his music.

Just a couple stages away, the Bagad Plougastell perform. The group consists of 36 men playing bagpipes from Brittany, France. One member, Tallwyn Baudu, said every village in France has their own bagpipe group.

“We actually compete. Like, we are in green; another region will be in red.”

Baudu said the group is not made up of professionals, but they’re volunteers. “We actually have day jobs and just meet up to practice on Friday nights.”

The group also seems to enjoy the Cajun culture.

“Lafayette is great. It’s really warm. We’re not used to this kind of heat in Brittany.”

Performing at Festival International