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The Latest Baking Trend Is Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie ‘cereal’

The Latest Baking Trend Is Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie ‘cereal’
Posted at 1:50 PM, May 12, 2020

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Stay-at-home food trends are moving too fast for slow-food folks like me. To keep up, I’m going to have to start watching TikTok videos while chewing my steel-cut oats, because believe it or not, I completely missed pancake cereal, and news flash, the world has already moved on to the next hot food trend to try at home: chocolate chip cookie cereal.

The good news is that this cereal is just as quick to whip up as pancake cereal (if not even faster), which requires mixing a batch of pancake batter and then dropping teeny-tiny cakes onto a hot skillet. And if you’ve ever over-baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies, you probably know where this is going.

Food blogger Justin Schuble kicked off the craze with this TikTok video:

@justinmschubleCOOKIE CEREAL!!! ##pancakecereal ##MakeBakeShake ##alwayslearning ##chipotlesponsorme ##mycrib ##learnfromme ##bakingrecipe // inspo @sydneymelhoff♬ original sound – bazziofficial

Schuble told Insider that the pancake cereal trend fueled this innovation. “I added milk to my original pancake cereal attempt and got some backlash because milk and pancakes aren’t a combination we immediately think of,” he told Insider. “So I started to think about things that actually work with milk — cookies!”

He posted his cookie cereal on Instagram as well, giving full instructions in the caption:

He offers up some tips, but in short, you buy some pre-made chocolate chip cookie dough, chop it into small pieces, then bake the mini cookies and let them cool and crisp up before tossing them into a bowl with milk.

This kind of outside-the-box thinking about what constitutes a true breakfast of champions drove people wild on social media. Soon enough, Cookie Crisp cereal, which is made by General Mills and very much still exists, was trending on Twitter. Hot takes and heated debates ensued.

Some stood up for particular flavors that have faded from shelves, including @livingtolearn, who calls chocolate chip Cookie Crisp “a sad backup” to her favorite, vanilla wafer:

Others called for the return of other older Cookie Crisp flavors. @polybi2 wants General Mills to bring back oatmeal cookie and holiday sprinkles Cookie Crisp:

Meanwhile, some thought Cookie Crisp needed to slow its roll. @sanguine_llama followed a trend-within-the-trend and offered up a personal tiered ranking of cereals:

So, cookies for breakfast? Are you ready for this?

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