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What's Your Story: Reminiscing on Good Times in Abbeville

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Posted at 10:21 PM, Oct 20, 2019

Michael “Duck” Vincent was born and raised in Abbeville and, while the town has certainly changed over the years, Michael still calls it home.

Staying busy and on the move by helping cut grass and weed a little, we sat and reminisced about days gone by in the small Vermilion Parish town.

“My daddy used to take us hunting and fishing," Michael said, talking about hunting everything from deer to gators.

“We used to make a living off of wildlife.”

The same was true for vegetables and fruit. Michael says the produce came directly from home gardens as opposed to grocery stores.

But life for Michael wasn’t all chores and running around in the woods. On Saturday nights, it was all about heading to the disco.

“I used to cut up," he recalls.

Hitting the old disco clubs, it was a chance for Michael to show off his dance moves. And while he can’t quite hit the old moves anymore, he still spoke fondly of them.

Those clubs may not be there anymore, but Michael certainly is, still busy and still calling Abbeville home