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Tools for Schools: Woodvale Elementary

Posted at 8:48 PM, Jan 30, 2020

Tools for Schools was at Woodvale Elementary to bring some iPads and other technology to the school, all thanks to Jim Olivier Family of Companies.

The technology is aimed at helping kids get encouragement in their PE classes.

"I like PE because we get to get all of our energy out and it’s just a really good program that we have at school," said Tobi Douglas.

And my favorite PE teacher is all of them! I think they’re really nice and caring and that they really like their students and that they really want to make sure we grow up and we’re healthy, and happy, and strong," added Giana Grizzaffi.

"Mondays are usually our running day and it’s great because they get it all out and they love, they’re so competitive but this is the place for them to get it all out because we are PE. So you know it’s a good place and it’s a controlled setting so all of the equipment that you guys are giving us is going to help us and it just is exciting because we haven’t had enough tablets to be able to scan and we didn’t have cases so this is going to protect our iPads so that we have them for future years," said teacher Ali Brabner.

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