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Spirit of Acadiana: The Teche Center for the Arts

Posted at 2:44 PM, May 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-15 12:39:05-04

The Teche Center for the Arts located in the heart of Breaux Bridge is on the move, not in its physical location, but in its physical appearance.

Executive Director of the Arts Center, Sandra Sarr says they are currently in the process of purchasing the building in which it is currently housed; a stone’s throw from Breaux Bridge. Sarr anticipates that the building will be purchased by this summer. "That’s our goal."

The existing building, once the Dan, the Jeff, and the Murphy movie theatre, has served the Teche Center for the Arts well.

Sarr says that whether it be dance, theater, or visual or literary arts the building has allowed the center to offer a variety of programs, classes, and exhibits of all genres.

The stories told here will take an even grander stage and increase the Center’s impact once the building’s purchase and subsequent renovations are done.

"You look around at this facility and it’s beautiful," explains Sarr. "There’s a spirit of what has happened here for generations."

The goal is all about making guests for concerts and art exhibits and classes and summer camps even more comfortable.

"We have a beautiful courtyard out front and we have plans to create a beautiful outdoor space," explains Sarr of the Center’s planned renovations. An outdoor stage will be built and allow people to flow in and out through the courtyard.

These renovations are all about maximizing the potential footprint that the Teche Center for the Arts can have on Acadiana and its people.

"We’re all interwoven into the community and Teche Center for the Arts is really a crown jewel in our community," says Sarr of the Center. "It’s a gathering place, a place to celebrate what’s special about Acadiana."

On tap for the summer at Teche Center for the Arts are a number of youth camps covering topics like robotics, cooking, knitting, and the decidedly French "Oui Sing."

But on tap for the future? There are infinite possibilities for what a Center of Arts and Culture can do for a community. Sarr says that the new Center will be an opportunity to create a legacy. 

"To come here and gather, children, parents, and grandparents for generations to come…that’s what we are aiming to do."

To contribute to the new Teche Center for the Arts in Breaux Bridge, become a member, or sign up for their summer camps, check out their website at