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Love our Schools replacing lights at Northside High School

Posted at 3:57 PM, Jan 22, 2020

At Northside High, Love Our Schools is taking on "Project Spark" to add more light to the school.

Crews were at the school this week to add over 80 overhead LED lights to the school's welding and wood shop classes. The project continued Wednesday with a look at the progress. A number of lights have already been replaced but more are still to come.

Ryan Domengeaux, CEO of the William C. Shoemaker Foundation, explained, "It's also going to create a tremendous reduction in the cost associated with electricity usage everyday, so we hope a return of investment in three years will have paid for the cost of these lights that's being donated through a sponsorship by Lafayette Utility System."

The project is part of a partnership with LUS who say that the change in lights will help LPSS save money.

Love Our Schools is an educational initiative aimed at transforming public schools and elevating our community, doing so in cooperation with Lafayette Parish School System.