Local wing restaurant prepares for Super Bowl crowd

Posted at 12:24 PM, Feb 16, 2023

IN LAFAYETTE — At the Kitchen on Klinton, a chicken wing restaurant on University Ave, they have been preparing to feed a big crowd.

David Laubach Kitchen Manager at KOK said, "Well I'm not gonna lie to you it's been kind of crazy you know getting more products in than usual and making sure everything is prepped and ready to be cooked for the start of the Super Bowl as well as the day we expect maximum capacity. I would say everyone here loves sports; as you can tell, that has a big influence, and nothing is better than football and wings".

With last year's chicken shortage and now this year's inflation, KOK is committed to keeping prices low for chicken lovers and for Superbowl

Carey Webster the Head Kitchen Manager of KOK told KATC, "We want people to be able to afford our food and you know with inflation it went up for everything but it levels out and that's what we did as a company".

With over 1.45 billion chicken wings consumed on Super Bowl Sunday according to the National Chicken Chicken Council, you can find some tasty and low-priced wings at KOK.

"We are just trying to make and shake here for the Lafayette area We want to give you the best experience that you can have enjoying the greatest game on the turf just here at KOK Wings and Things," Webster said.