Throw me something! Beads and throws this Mardi Gras Season

Posted at 2:32 PM, Feb 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-06 15:32:02-05

It's going to be raining beads and more in Acadiana for the next couple of weekends.

And whether you're buying them or hoping to catch a bunch, we've got the forecast for what you can see flying through the sky

Abby Breidenbach stopped by Beads for Less in Lafayette to see all beads revelers can expect to see at Mardi Gras parades.

But owner Greg Grace from says parade-goers will see a lot more than that on the route this year.

"We've been seeing a lot of people moving toward the throws over the beads," says Grace. "The toys, the trinkets, the balls, especially the light up items that people for the night parades want more bling and more flash."

And for the first time ever, people are launching airplanes off floats.

Greg says that the little little foam planes has been a very big hit among his customers.

"Everybody gets a kick out of them. They've been walking around the store, throwing them around," he says. "It's a fun item kids can take home and play with them."

If 2020 is your first year riding on a float, don't worry. Greg says he and other Mardi Gras experts are willing to help you out.

"We can help any of the first time riders," he says. "We have packages that are easy pick up and go. We can also customize any package they'd like to do if they want more beads, more throws we can help them with that."