Saving lives by becoming an EMT

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Posted at 6:49 AM, Jul 31, 2019
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Becoming a paramedic was not Keisha Trahan's first career choice.

Trahan says she began her medical career as a certified nursing assistant at a nursing home.

But a chance meeting with a pair of paramedics set her up for where she is today.

"They told me to go online to the National EMS Academy," Trahan explained. "I went on, signed up for the class, and a few months later became an EMT. I worked on the truck for a couple of years, after that I got into the paramedic program, a year and a half after that I got my CCT, and now I'm here."

Each day is a new adventure and each adventure is a learning lesson.

"It is very fulfilling for me," Trahan said. "I'm able to help people in the community and fulfill myself personally."

Alex Williams works alongside Trahan. He said that he tried college for two years and realized he needed something more to life.

"Everyday is different," Williams said. "You don't fall into the mundanity of same day every day. You meet a lot of amazing people on the way and it's so fun just helping those people."

Trahan and Williams may not know what the day will hold or who they will meet when they get into that ambulance. What they do know, however, is that they are helping to save lives.

And that, they say, is what makes the career worthwhile.

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