Plaisance Elementary celebrates entire staff for Teacher Appreciation Week

Posted at 5:30 AM, May 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-05 07:24:44-04

"A good teacher is caring, compassionate and flexible," says LaShondra Taylor, Administrative Assistant and Virtual 5th Grade Teacher at Plaisance Elementary.

When we asked Taylor 'Who at Plaisance embodies that description?' she said it's the whole staff!

"The staff here makes it easy to come to work, and it makes it easy for the students to be at their best," she says.

"I love my coworkers! We are always collaborating talking about ways to help our kids show growth, not just with grades or test scores but with developmental growth. I think we all have a common goal and I think we all see Plaisance here as home," says Kelly Breaux, 5th grade ELA and Social Studies Teacher.

The students say these teachers foster a lighthearted environment that makes them feel comfortable to be themselves and excited to learn.

"I love the teachers. They're funny, goofy, but I'm still learning things," says Chance Bob, who is a student at Plaisance.

"We love to have a good laugh and it really creates an environment where its okay to make mistakes because you're not going to learn or show growth unless you make mistakes and learn from them," says Breaux.

Even when things aren't so lighthearted, the family-like bond at Plaisance makes the school a safe space for students and teachers alike.

"Even the tough days it's never that I don't want to come in and be with my kids because I know there is someone to lean on," says Breaux.

"It's important for the students because if a kid is having a bad day they know they can always come to a teacher or a staff member on campus and we'll support them and each other in helping them have a better day," adds Taylor.

Over the last year, this staff has been through a cyber attack, family troubles, COVID-19, loss of life and so much more that they helped each other to get through.

"The teachers here constantly do whatever they can to help each other and build each other up and if it wasn't for the camaraderie here on this campus, every day would be a difficult day," says Taylor.