National Hobby Month brings out the inner child

Posted at 2:39 AM, Jan 20, 2021

January is National Hobby Month, and whether its collecting comics or trying a new board game, there's never been a better time than the middle of a pandemic to try a new hobby.

We went to ...And Books Too in Lafayette in search of these hobbies.

"We do just about everything - comics, board games, miniature card games, and books too," says store manager Dan Boudreaux.

Professionals say this year anxiety is on the rise for everybody. Boudreaux says his hobbies have kept his own anxiety at bay for years.

"Being able to build a deck of cards or play a board game or paint a model has always helped me calm myself down or in the case of Dungeons and Dragons I can stop being me and start being my character," he says.

Boudreaux adds that these are not just games. For many are life-long hobbies.

"Most of these games are big because they're easy to learn but difficult to master."