Local Artist Brings Culture and Color to Jefferson Street

Local Artist Brings Culture and Color to Jefferson Street
Posted at 5:24 AM, Aug 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-14 06:24:25-04

Featuring a local musician, symbols of downtown festivals, even some of Acadiana's favorite snacks, local artist Hannah Gumbo's new mural on Jefferson Street is inspired by a lifetime of memories in Lafayette.

"We have so much culture, so much beauty, so much awesome things here," says the artist.

On growing up and visiting downtown, Hannah Gumbo adds, "We came to the library here every single week. We'd grab some Dwyers, walk around. Becoming an artist, we'd come to art walk and I'd be super inspired, and of course Festival International every year is such a highlight."

It's her fondness for the area that makes her the perfect artist for this piece. The mural was commissioned on Jefferson Street on the side of the building that houses Pop's Poboys. It was made possible by a partnership between the Downtown Development Authority and the property owner.

"During a hard time for artists, to be able to financially support a local artist that we all adore and we want to make sure stays in our community and thrives in our community, and it provides something beautiful and vibrant for our community to be able to enjoy and to be able to share on social media here in the community and across the globe," says Anita Begnaud, CEO of the Downtown Development Authority.

For Hannah Gumbo, this has also created an opportunity to connect the community with art, in a time when that hasn't been as commonplace as it once was.

"Its very inspiring and nice to be able to bring my artwork to them. Normally I would be able to set up for artwalk or things like that that have been cancelled so just having that connection point where people can enjoy the work but also see the process and it kind of integrates in their day to day and their weekly routine is kind of cool," says Hannah.

The mural is expected to be complete some time next week.