Kaplan bed and breakfast works to bounce back after freeze

Posted at 5:23 AM, Feb 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-19 08:15:57-05

Mrs. Rose's Bed and Breakfast and Crawfish Haven has not seen many visitors this week, which isn't what most expect for peak season.

"Last weekend we lost three bookings because of the weather. Either they couldn't get here or they canceled because they saw the weather conditions," says Barry Toups, who owns the establishment.

"We offer crawfish excursions. It’s a bed and breakfast where you can go out, catch your own crawfish in a boat with a guide helping you and we come back and boil the crawfish for you," explains Toups.

His problem now, in below freezing temps, is not just that it's too cold for people to come out.

"It's going to slow the crawfish down for at least two weeks I'm guessing, if it warms back up," says Toups.

And in the meantime, his b and b has different experiences to offer.

"Let's say we don't go out and do the crawfish. I offer Cajun cooking classes. I offer Cajun meals so we can just bunker down in the house and enjoy," he adds.

Toups developed this alternative experience in the off season, so people can still have a good time at his establishment in the summer months.

If you'd like to pay him a visit, call (337) 652-8870 or visit