Indian Bayou United Methodist Church opens free food pantry

Posted at 3:00 AM, May 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-11 07:28:18-04

As we begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel that is the COVID-19 pandemic, many are still stuck in the thick of financial troubles caused by these hard times.

Indian Bayou United Methodist Church has started a new effort to make things a little easier for those who continue to struggle.

"Scriptures says that all are invited to take communion so the Lord's supper is that all are invited to this food pantry," says Reverend Robert Johnson, the Pastor at the church.

The new food pantry at Indian Bayou United Methodist is called the Lord's Supper, and is open to anybody in need at anytime they need it.

"You don't have to fill out paperwork. You don't have to register. It's open to the general public and that's why we made it 24 hours because some people have so much pride, they don't want to be seen standing in line for food, and they're in need," says Johnson. "Here's an opportunity to come whenever you please."

A high school aged group of church goers came up with the plan for the pantry.

It's the only food pantry in town, and the kids hope that more fortunate members of the community will give what they can to let those in need know that somebody cares.

"Even if we don't know each other, we're still here to help. You can always come and it's like a hope symbol type thing," says one young member of the congregation.