German Festival Dancers bringing back traditional styles

Posted at 6:03 AM, Oct 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-04 07:03:23-04

One of the most fun parts of the Roberts Cove German Festival is watching, and then attempting to keep up with the dancers. This weekend is the peak of their year, which they work all year for.

The group is made up of both family and friends, one of which is Paul Miller. His dancing career, says Miller, began almost by accident.

"I started dancing because we didn't have enough guys. So I started off as a 'yeah sure I guess I'll help the family' kind of thing and I've stuck with it ever since," says Miller.

His great aunt was the founding member of the Roberts Cove German Festival folk dance group. now he and three of his cousins have taken over the tradition.

"It's something I could not give up. It lets me remember this is where my family came from. This is our past this is our heritage, our tradition. This is what made us who we are. This is what got us where we are now and I don't want it to die out," says Miller, and if his family has anything to do with it, this tradition will stand for years.

Paul's cousin, April Dupuis, even prefers traditional German dancing to the more current styles.

"I think its fun because I get to learn new ways to dance. It's not the same rap, hip hop or stuff like that. Its something from back in the day that is coming back in little ways," says Dupuis. "I personally like to watch the boys do all the plattles. That to me is interesting,"

The plattle is one of the more complicated dance moves, but there are easier ones some that they'll teach just about anybody who shows up to the festival.