New Iberia volunteer cook asking for help finding stolen equipment

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Posted at 2:51 AM, May 26, 2021

A New Iberia man who you may know for his work in the community is now asking for the community to lend him a hand.

"I'm not rich or anything to where I can give money, but I can use my equipment and help people cook. That's my way of giving back to the community," says Gary Dugan.

He gives back just about every chance he can by cooking for people who need it.

Most recently, he's been involved with those searching for the men lost in the Seacore Power disaster.

"I cooked for the families and the first responders and I continued cooking for the searchers. I do a lot of that, especially after the hurricanes. Just people that are in need," says Dugan.

"But it may be a while before he can do this again. Over the weekend, Gary's cracklin pot, custom burner, hose and other tools were all stolen from his home.

"It's something you work for and you buy when you have the money. I use those cracklin pots for a lot of benefits and stuff and it's something I can't replace right now," says Dugan. "Anybody who comes across a used cracklin pot, and it's cheap, it's stolen."

If you see anyone selling what you believe is Gary's cracklin pot, or if you know anything about the theft, he wants to hear from you. You can call New Iberia Police.

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