Delcambre residents to spend more on water next month

delcambre water tower.jpg
Posted at 4:48 AM, Jul 20, 2021

For people who live in Delcambre, running water is going to mean something different starting next month.

"From now on, what you use you're going to pay for. Before it was a flat rate of $22.50 where you could use all the water you want. Some people are using 2,000 gallons, some people are using 15,000 gallons and we all pay the same and it's not fair," says Mayor Pam Blakely.

Now $22.50 Will be the base number for 3,000 gallons of water. Your cost will increase five dollars for every additional thousand gallons used. Some residents feel confident this won't make a huge dent.

"It'll stay about the same I guess. I don't use much water," says Loua Segura.

Mayor Blakely warns any leaks in your system can quickly drive up your bill.

"The hardest thing is if you have a break and you don't know about it, it's still your responsibility. We cannot forgive water usage of leaks," says Blakely.

Individual residents will also take on the financial responsibility of any necessary meter replacements, meaning if you break it with your lawnmower or drive over it with your car, that's on you.

"The first time you put in a meter it was free. Now if you want to put in a meter it's a thousand dollars and you have to pay for it before it's installed," says Blakely.

This will relieve the town of a financial burden it has carried for years.

"What happened was all of the excess, the town had to assume the loss so now we're going to get paid for it. We should come up with a profit." explains Blakely, adding that money will go toward town repairs.