Bus Stop Weather: Opelousas Catholic School

Posted at 11:59 AM, Jan 31, 2020

On Friday, January 31, GMA visited Opleousas Catholic for our first ever Bus Stop Weather.

OCS is celebrating Catholic School Week with a number of events.

English teacher Kaitlin Deville says that says Catholic Schools Week has been an enjoyable week for the students with a focus on fun, fellowship and fostering a respect for parents and local leaders.

Among the biggest events during the week was Thursday's Walking Rosary.

The event was held to pray for the school, church and local civic leaders.

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Below, hear directly from the students about all of the work they've been up to since the school year began.

Bus Stop Weather: Opelousas Catholic School

Members of the school's drama club joined us LIVE on GMA to share more about their upcoming performances and how the students work together to prepare freshmen

With weather on the mind, OCS french students shared just what they think about the weather.

While the school is known for its academics and athletics, there is also a focus on fulfilling its Catholic mission by giving back to the community.

Freshmen and seniors recently teamed up for a community service day.

"On our Senior-Freshmen service retreat we come together and we go out to the different church parishes, homeless shelters and such, or nursing home," says OCS student Jesse Roy. "We help them with whatever they need, whether it's painting, pressure washing or just picking up stuff."

This year, OCS has a spot among the leadership of the African American Youth Conference.

Senior Andre Duplechain is the student chair of the conference.

Duplechain says he's been involved in the conference for the last five years.

"It's actually pretty special because for the past few years I've been a Master of Ceremony and the year before that I wasn't anything," he says. "And it just mean a lot for my last year to be the chairperson this year."

Graduation is just four months away for the OCS Senior Class. And students are already looking forward to the next chapter of their lives.

KATC spoke with one of the school's top graduates, Noah Labruyere, who shared his own thoughts on Catholic Schools Week, OCS and the value of learning.

Students say the bonds they create during their educational careers are long-lasting.

These connections are ones that Mary Collins says starts on the first day of school with an OCS tradition. It begins with a little piece of yarn.

"It started out as an old Opelousas Catholic tradition where on the first day of school we would do the Friendly Fringes," she says. "Its like a little piece of yarn and it has a bunch of little yarns on it and you go up to other people you don't know or don't usually talk to and exchange fringes."