Abby's Apps: Charity Miles

Get fit and give back for free
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Posted at 5:28 AM, Jan 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-25 08:12:41-05

At the start of the month we surveyed many of you and two of the most common resolutions were to get fit and give back.

Charity Miles is an app that helps you work on both for free. Users will have to share your location with the app, but can operate without sharing any other info.

The rest is pretty easy. Before you walk, bike or run, pick a charity from a list. They range from the World Wildlife Foundation to the Alzheimers Association to the Wounded Warrior Project.

The app donates money to the chosen cause on your behalf for every mile you go. If you're walking or running, you'll earn 25 cents per mile. If you're biking, you'll earn 10.